Where's My Mickey? 3-star video walkthroughs for Fanning the Flames
By Mark Brown 01 July 2013
Game Name: Where's My Mickey? | Publisher: Disney Mobile Studios | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Casual, Puzzle
Welcome to our video tutorials for Where's My Mickey?, Disney's mouse-flavoured follow-up to Where's My Water?

In each level, you must reroute water to Mickey, while avoiding obstacles and solving puzzles.

In these videos, you will be shown how to do just that... and get a three-star score in the process.

In chapter two, Fanning the Flames, you're helping Mickey put out a fire. You'll have to contend with lava - a hazardous, gloopy liquid - if you want to succeed.

Get more tips and easy access to all the Where's My Mickey? videos in our main guide.

Mickey 2-1: Exit Stage Left

Mickey 2-2: Clean and Clear

Mickey 2-3: Fill 'er Up

Mickey 2-4: No Splashing

Mickey 2-5: Dissolve to Solve

Mickey 2-6: Total Meltdown

Mickey 2-7: Don't Get Burned

Mickey 2-8: Juggling Act

Mickey 2-9: Cut Carefully

Mickey 2-10: If it Ain't Brokeā€¦ Break it

Mickey 2-11: Malfunction

Mickey 2-12: No Exit

Mickey 2-13: Cloud Cover

Mickey 2-14: Cover for Me

Mickey 2-15: Break Free

Mickey 2-16: Shields Up

Mickey 2-17: Abandon Ship

Mickey 2-18: Sky Bunker

Mickey 2-19: Open Sesame

Mickey 2-20: Ping Pong

Videos courtesy of DisneyXDUK.
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