Where's My Mickey? 3-star video walkthroughs for When Life Gives you Lemons
By Mark Brown 01 July 2013
Game Name: Where's My Mickey? | Publisher: Disney Mobile Studios | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Casual, Puzzle
Welcome to our video tutorials for Where's My Mickey?, Disney's mouse-flavoured follow-up to Where's My Water?

In each level, you must reroute water to Mickey, while avoiding obstacles and solving puzzles.

In these videos, you will be shown how to do just that... and get a three-star score in the process.

In chapter one, entitled When Life Gives you Lemons, you're helping Mickey make lemonade. You'll have to contend with weather effects, like rain clouds and wind, along the way.

Get more tips and easy access to all the Where's My Mickey? videos in our main guide.

Mickey 1-1: Dig Deep

Mickey 1-2: Rainy Day

Mickey 1-3: Down the Drain

Mickey 1-4: To the Cloud

Mickey 1-5: Switch it On

Mickey 1-6: Look Both Ways

Mickey 1-7: Jump for Joy

Mickey 1-8: Catch a Ride

Mickey 1-9: Release the Wind

Mickey 1-10: Go with the Flow

Mickey 1-11: Blow it Up

Mickey 1-12: Switching Clouds

Mickey 1-13: It's Clouded in Here

Mickey 1-14: Clear the Skies

Mickey 1-15: Closing in Fast

Mickey 1-16: Sky Dive

Mickey 1-17: Wind Tunnels

Mickey 1-18: Liftoff

Mickey 1-19: Windy Path

Mickey 1-20: Hold it Right There!

Videos courtesy of DisneyXDUK.
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