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Use your mobile to help your friends escape the fuzz in open-world console title Watch Dogs
by Anthony Usher 14/6/2013
Product: Watch Dogs Live
Publisher: Ubisoft
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action, Adventure
[enlarge screenshot]
See the video below?

It's a brand-new gameplay demo for Watch Dogs, Ubisoft's very interesting-looking open-world action-adventure title for current- and next-gen home consoles.

Don't worry, though: we haven't suddenly decided to start covering Xbox One titles here on Pocket Gamer.

Like a lot of games shown off at this year's E3 conference, Watch Dogs has some second-screen smarts up its sleeve, you see.

Basically, any time you have the fuzz on your tail, you can send a request for help to a friend's mobile device. Your buddy - if he can actually be bothered to help you - can then enter the Watch Dogs universe on his phone or tablet, and help you escape the law.

Check out how it works for yourself in the demo above. Skip straight to the 5:50 mark if you don't want to sit through the whole video.

Watch Dogs community manager Nik Schmidt has stated that "more exciting news" will be released soon. Hopefully, more mobile integration will be among the news.

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