First episode of new RPG Vacant Sky: Awakening funded on Kickstarter
By Matthew Diener 21 January 2013
Game Name: Vacant Sky: Awakening | Publisher: Project BC | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, PS Vita, Windows Phone, Windows 8 | Genre: RPG
It seems like a new roleplaying game launches on Kickstarter every few weeks or so, but the recently funded Vacant Sky: Awakening is one to be excited about.

Created by a team of avid gamers and RPG enthusiasts, the episodic Vacant Sky: Awakening follows the story of a saucy young nobleman who quickly becomes the most hated man in history.

Vacant Sky's narrative spans a period of seven years, however, so players will watch characters mature and change as they come to terms with the new responsibilities and perspectives that adulthood has given them.

Not so vacant after all

While many modern RPGs turn to random encounters and experience point grinding to pad out their run times, Vacant Sky: Awakening spares you the tedium.

Instead, like Persona 3, it relies on social relationships and friendships to increase your character's abilities and growth. In other words, who your character ultimately becomes is determined by the decisions and friends that he makes and not the number of Goblin Pathfinders that he kills.

With that in mind, there is plenty of combat, party management, and side quests to be had, but they won't distract from the all-important story.

Although the first episode of Vacant Sky: Awakening has been successfully funded, there are still 14 days left in its Kickstarter campaign for those looking to secure backer rewards like exclusive DLC quests or a digital copy of the soundtrack.

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