Coming this week: Botanicula, Mario Golf: World Tour, Intake...
By Mark Brown 28 April 2014
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This week, you can expect a pill-popping arcade game; a 1,000-year-old physics-puzzler; and a golf game featuring a chimpanzee and a ghost.

These are far from the only games that are coming this week, though. They're just the noteworthy ones, the ones with concrete release dates, and the ones we've heard of ahead of time.

Plenty more good pocket gaming stuff will surface throughout the week, too, as we explore the swampy bayou of the App Store and unearth some new surprises.

You should also note that dates, platforms, and details are all subject to change. We'll try to update this post in such an event, mind.

iOS and Android


Czech dev Amanita Design will finally release its Machinarium follow-up Botanicula on iPad on May 1st. It's a point-and-click adventure, but set in a surreal undergrowth and featuring a whole team of au naturel protagonists. It's lovely.

Loopy bridge-building physics-puzzler Bridge Constructor will go back in time on iOS and Android on May 1st in Bridge Constructor Medieval. You're still making structures over water and chasms, but now you need to survive cannonballs and enemy raids.

Splice and Pulse maker Cipher Prime will continue its love of trippy rhythm games and one-word titles on May 1st with Intake. This iPad-only arcade game is all about blasting pills and being assaulted by dubstep music. See our GDC video here.

Plax is an intense iOS survival game that we flagged up last week. The idea here is to drag a dot about to dodge incoming spikes - which wouldn't be so hard if you didn't have to control two dots at the same time. It'll be out on May 1st.

Talisman: Digital Edition is also very much on the horizon. It's the more fully realised follow-up to Talisman: Prologue, and boasts a deeper campaign and some much-needed multiplayer. BoardGameGeek says it'll be out on May 1st.

Nintendo 3DS

Mario Golf World Tour

On 3DS, expect Mario Golf: World Tour in stores and on the eShop this week. It's the plumber's first golf game in a decade, and it could be his best yet with excellent mechanics and a bevy of modes. It'll be out on May 2nd everywhere.

US gamers will be able to grab Kirby Triple Deluxe this week. It's a standard Kirby platformer, but expect a load of new copy abilities and some interesting mini-games, including a rhythm platformer starring Dedede. Europeans will be able to get hold of this one on May 16th.

And in Europe, we're finally getting our hands on indie Metroidvania shooter Cave Story, in all its pixelly glory. That'll be out on the eShop on Thursday, and will cost £6.00 / €7.25.

PS Vita

Who knows what's heading to Vita this week. It's a mystery!

But we do know that Europeans should pick up their PlayStation Plus freebies (Muramasa Rebirth and Everybody's Golf) on April 30th.
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