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Twin Robots is an interesting duo-platformer that's out right now for nowt on Android
by Harry Slater 15/5/2014
Product: Twin Robots
Developer: Thinice Games
Format: Android
Genre: Platform, Puzzle

Twin Robots is an interesting new platformer for Android that sees you controlling two bobble-headed mechs. One of them starts the level trapped and you need to use the other to find the button that opens the cell door.

There's an interesting energy system that requires you to balance out your movements, share juice between the two 'bots, and make sure you've got enough left at the end of the level to open the exit.

The controls can be a little fiddly sometimes, but there are some interesting ideas here. It's rough around the edges, for sure, but the concepts and mechanics underneath that scratchy exterior shine through pretty brightly.

Twin Robots is ad supported, and won't cost you anything to download. It's not the best platformer you'll ever install on your Android phone, but it's definitely worth some closer inspection.
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