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Total War Battles: Kingdom tips and tricks - Live like a king (or queen)

Take the crown
Product: Total War Battles: Kingdom | Publisher: The Creative Assembly | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Strategy
Total War Battles: Kingdom Android, thumbnail 1
If you’re into your hardcore strategy titles, chances are you’ve already been sinking plenty of time into the recently released Total War Battles: Kingdom.

But for those who have yet to really get into the game, it can be incredibly daunting, with its numerous mechanics, menus, and menacing enemies.

Fear not, however, as we have got a few tips and tricks to share with you to make sure your kingdom will live through the centuries.

Dam it all

As the game is quick to point out at the beginning, the action takes place in England. And that means the weather is usually pretty awful, and you’re going to get flooded a lot.

Total War Battles: Kingdom

To prevent this, build numerous dams around your settlements. Put them in the water next to low-lying hexes for maximum impact.

Dams are fairly inexpensive to build and can prevent you a lot of trouble in the long-run, so it pays to be prepared.

Get rich quick

Getting gold, the premium currency, is pretty straightforward. You’ll get one piece of gold every day you load up the game, and even more for completing quests.

At times you’ll be asked to choose from a list of quests that will take skill or time to complete, including reaching a certain Lord rank.

Always pick that option. Every time you increase your Lord rank, you’ll receive new quests that give you even more gold on completion.

Total War Battles: Kingdom

And once you’ve worked your way through the quests, you’ll be even closer to the set Lord rank, which provides you with a substantial gold reward.

This way, you’ll always have a steady income of gold, as well as a bigger reward waiting for you at the end of a long run of quests.

Keep your eyes peeled

Upon loading the game, and after a successful battle, take the time to look around the overworld.

In your absence, some previously empty hexes will have been filled with resources such as boulders, driftwood, and deer.

These can give you a valuable boost to your resources, and they don’t require anything more than a couple of taps to gather, so they’re worth keeping your eye out for.

Plan for victory

The battles in this game are hard-as-nails, and you’re going to lose quite a bit. Each fight requires its own tactics, but here’s a few general tips to get you started.

Always double-check your army setup is ready to face a mission. You don’t get told to review before starting a mission, and can easily go in with the wrong units by accident.

When you start a battle, immediately choose your targets for your archers to start firing on. You’ll probably want to deal with the backline first, especially if there’s archers there too.

Never fire on troops engaged in skirmishes. Friendly fire is a serious problem, and you’ll take out more of your own troops than theirs.

Total War Battles: Kingdom

As for melee units, make sure you at least attempt the charge. A weak charge attempt is better than none at all, and a perfect charge can give you a huge advantage.

In terms of which units are best against others, never put cavalry up against spearmen, and never take on soldiers with spearmen.

Don’t put too many archers in your army either. Their melee combat is comparatively awful, and once the enemy backline is gone, you won’t need them anymore.

Use orders constantly. They recharge quickly in battle, and can give you a serious edge over your enemies.

And never surrender. You earn XP even if you lose, but surrendering forfeits anything you may have earned.

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Ric Cowley 30 March 2016
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