Top 5 best St David's Day-inspired games
By Leighton Owen 01 March 2013
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Happy St David's Day, everyone!

Or as they say in Swansea: "Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant Hapus Pawb!"

Now, in what possible way could we here at PG decide to celebrate the day dedicated to our favourite patron saint of Wales?

Yep, we've spent literally minutes compiling a list of five mobile games with a Welsh connection. However tenuous. Trust me.

So, go celebrate St David's Day in style by taking your pet dragon for a walk, tucking into a spot of Welsh rarebit, and playing these five great Wales-related games.

Whale Trail
By ustwo - buy on Android and download free on iPhone and iPad

No, we haven't mistaken 'Whales' for 'Wales'.

The connection between Whale Trail and Wales is straightforward: Gruff Rhys of Welsh rock band Super Furry Animals is responsible for Whale Trail's soundtrack. Told you.

In this Silver Award-winning game, Willow the Whale is trying to escape from the clutches of Baron Von Barry, an evil black squid. To do so, he takes to the skies. A lot.

Go Candy
By A Sitting Duck - download free on iPhone and iPad


"Dinosaurs aren't Welsh, you fool!"

We hear you, but the creator of this particular super-cute title hails from Cardiff. Yep, thicko, that's the capital of Wales.

Guide Candy (the Magic Dinosaur) on an epic adventure full of apples, stars, power-ups, and Gavin Hensons. I may have lied about that last one. Shoot me.

Beware: evil birds and obstacles are lurking in your path. These nasties work for Candy's archenemy, Megasaur 64.

Flick Sheep
By Orca Inc - download free on iPhone and iPad

When people think of England, they think of tea and scones.

When people think of Scotland, they think of haggis and bagpipes.

So, what do people think of when they think of Wales? Yeah, probably sheep.

There are a lot of sheep in Wales. That's a fact. Ergo, we had to include a sheep game on this rundown somewhere, didn't we.

In Flick Sheep!, you are pitted against the encroaching sunset. Your defenceless sheep must be gathered together in safety before the light fades. Simples.

By Backflip Studios - download free on iPhone and iPad and download free on Android

Now, while Wales may not be home to dinosaurs (as we discovered earlier), it does play host to dragons. Big, scary red dragons that fly around Snowdonia.

On this day, in fact, it's said you can hear the dragons roar. Listen. There.

In DragonVale, meanwhile, you must raise, feed, and breed your own lovable dragons. Before long, you'll probably get quite attached. Stop! That is dangerous. Dragons are dangerous.

Flick Nations Rugby
By Full Fat - buy on iPhone and buy on Android

When it comes to sport, you can't get more Welsh than rugby.

Wales may currently be playing second fiddle to the mighty England in the Six Nations, but they are the reigning Grand Slam champions. Which is pretty impressive for a country with a population of only around 3 million.

Flick Nations Rugby is a highly addictive game in which you flick the rugby ball between the posts. Bet you couldn't have guessed that.
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