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Top 10 best Android games of September 2013

Jedi birds, driving hedgehogs, mysterious swordsmen, and a spot of virtual DIY
Product: Top 10 Android charts | Format: Android
Top 10 Android charts Android, thumbnail 1
Apple may have dominated September with the launch of its iPhone 5S and talk of the potential for super-duper 64-bit games on the go, but that doesn't mean that it was a bad month for Android gamers.

During September, there was a nicely rounded spread of high-class Android games, including original IP, classy sequels, long-awaited iOS conversions, and even a highly regarded console game.

In case you're new to this feature, here's how it works: we take a look back at our own Android reviews section from the past month. We also take a peek at the Quality Index boards, and feed in any interesting titles that have caught our attention during the month.

Naturally, this list is far from definitive, so please do tell us what your own favourite Android games of the month were in the comments section below.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the top ten Android games of the past 30 days.

Heroes of Loot
By OrangePixel - buy on Android

Part-dungeon-crawling fantasy RPG, part-frenetic arcade blaster, Heroes of Loot is just the kind of game we want to be playing on our Androids.

Naturally, you get the usual OrangePixel 8-bit presentation to round things off.

By Hexage - buy on Android

Another of our favourite Android developers returned in September with a neat twist on the RPG.

Hexage applies its typical spin to the familiar genre in Reaper, in which the Czech studio breaks things down into bite-size arena-like levels and implements a quirky gesture-based combat system.

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
By Sega - buy on Android

This one took a long time getting to Android, but Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is such a fantastic kart racer that we're willing to forgive Sega for its tardiness.

Fully featured and finely balanced: two of the reasons we doled out full marks to the game back in 2011.

Joining Hands 2
By 10tons - buy on Android

10tons hasn't changed much here from the original, but that's fine with us.

In casual puzzler Joining Hands 2, you still link up little peas according to the number of arms they have. Oh, and it's still good clean gentle fun.

It's literally impossible to feel grumpy after ten minutes with this game.

Little Galaxy
By Bitmap Galaxy - buy on Android

Time your hops between planetoids in this simple but slick casual game.

Despite having some suitably attractive (geddit?) space physics, Little Galaxy is an absolute doddle to play.

In fact, you just need a single finger, allowing you to soak in the lovely whimsical visuals at your leisure.

By Fixpoint Productions - buy on Android

Pivvot is a beautifully abstract and thoroughly original arcade game in which you play the part of a ball tethered to a twisty line.

As you move along this line, you must pivot (aha!) in order to dodge the obstacles that lie either side of the line.

Sure, it's odd. But you try putting it down.

Angry Birds Star Wars II
By Rovio - buy on Android

Sit tight, this one's going to take some explanation.

Of course it isn't - it's yet more Angry Birds, this time set in the universally panned Star Wars: The Phantom Menace universe.

We're very much in 'diminishing returns' territory here, but we haven't got to the point where a new Angry Birds game isn't worth a mention yet. So, here we are... mentioning it.

By Hammerhead Studios and Scopely - buy on Android

What's this? Another pristine word game? Tsk. We jest, of course - you can never have too many expertly crafted word games.

In Wordly, you can take on Shakespeare and Einstein (we assume it's not actually them) in a game of 'who can form the best word'. There's an extra element of territorial manoeuvring for good measure.

By 505 Games - buy on Android

Terraria's a bit of a darling in the indie console gaming world, and now it's surfaced on Android more or less intact.

There's a definite learning curve here with the new virtual controls - what with the game's tricky mixture of 2D platforming and world building - but the fact that your average Android device has plenty of screen space certainly helps.

Toast Time
By Force Of Habit - buy on Android

And the winner of the 'Most Bonkers Game of September 2013' award goes to... Toast Time!

For in what other game do you play as a frenzied toaster, spewing breakfast treats at enemies in an 8-bit retro-inflected world?

If you can name one other, I'll eat my bagel.

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Jon Mundy 1 October 2013
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