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Top 10 best Android games: March 2012

Draw Something while Temple Running
Product: Top 10 Android charts | Format: Android
Top 10 Android charts Android, thumbnail 1
If you've ever wondered why some games hit the iPhone first, and then crawl onto Android weeks or months later (if ever), look no further than the comments left on Temple Run's Facebook page.

"This app does not work on my og droid - this is an outrage!" one disgruntled player yells. "What's the point of putting now on Android if its only on select Androids #dumb," another asks, seemingly forgetting that hashtags are exclusive to Twitter.

The sheer number of different operating systems, screen sizes, resolutions, and processors on Android sucks. And this fragmentation is the most cited reason for a developer giving up on Google's mobile OS altogether.

So, if a game takes a little while to make the leap to Google Play, maybe cut the studio some slack.

Temple Run

By Imangi Studios - buy on Android


We waited an eternity - well, a couple of months - for iOS sensation Temple Run to leap onto Android, but for many patient fans their endless-running dreams hit an unexpected brick wall.

As mentioned above, the launch version was teeming with bugs and compatibility issues, although some hasty patching by Imangi Studios seems have to fixed most of the major problems. Plus, with the Indiana Jones-meets-Canabalt gameplay being as compulsive as ever, it's still nearly impossible not to give it one more go.

Angry Birds Space
By Rovio - buy on Android

Even if - like me - you were feeling a bit of Angry Birds fatigue at the turn of the year, this sequel feels like a fresh new adventure for Rovio's furious flock.

The classic avians-being-flung-at-pigs gameplay is intact, yet the introduction of planets with gravity to spin around delivers a welcome twist to the well-worn physics-puzzling action.

Draw Something
By OMGPOP - buy on Android

As someone with the artistic ability of a static caravan, the concept of Draw Something seemed vaguely terrifying - like playing Pictionary against Rolf Harris.

The genius of OMGPOP's game, however, lies in its social focus. You pick an online opponent, draw an image, and then send it over for deciphering. Turns are quick and it's easy to get sucked into tense exchanges with friends thousands of miles away.

By 4gency - buy on Android

Hacking seemingly hit the headlines every other week in 2011, so the success of titles like the ultra-tough Node.Hack seems assured.

It helps that the arcade-strategy gameplay, in which you slide around randomly generated grids hacking nodes for cash and avoiding enemy AI, is fraught with danger: the type of danger associated with getting caught. This is not helped by the panic-inducing soundtrack.

Heist: The Score
By N3V Games - buy on Android

If you thought bank robberies in the 1920s were dull stick-up-and-leave affairs, then Heist: The Score is here to blow away those misconceptions.

This on-rails first-person shooter is all guns blazing from start to finish, with lashing of explosions along the way, too. And while it's too short to call it a steal, this is one of the best Android blasters around.

By Sky Jet International - buy on Android

Sky Jet International's chopper sim may be tricky to fly right, due to the awkward combination of tilt movement and touch controls, yet the mix of dogfighting and enemy base assault missions will motivate you to achieve air supremacy.

The real stars of the C.H.A.O.S. show, however, are the lushly rendered landscapes, detailed helicopter models, and the ambitious multiplayer battles.

Dungeon Village
By Kairosoft - buy on Android

Just when you think Kairosoft's retro gaming formula might be growing stale, along comes a title like Dungeon Village to prove the Japanese studio remains the master of mobile strategy titles.

Playing as the mayor of a medieval village, you have to build up the status of the town to attract adventurers willing to help clear out the the monsters roaming the wilderness outside. Compulsive, imaginative, and gently humorous, this is another unmissable jewel in Kairosoft's crown.

Flick Nations Rugby
By Full Fat - buy on Android

With the drama of the Six Nations behind us, the best way to recapture the excitement is with Full Fat's near-impeccable flick-based spin on the sport.

Eerily similar in gameplay modes and structure to the developer's equally excellent NFL Kicker!, this is nevertheless a dangerously addictive title with typically flawless controls and a rewarding progression system.

Tank Hero: Laser Wars
By Clapfoot Inc - buy on Android

It might have lost the Micro Machines-inspired miniature world setting of the original game, yet this futuristic Tank Hero sequel makes up for it with oodles of laser-blasting death rays.

Across 60 increasingly difficult scenes, you have to to navigate the maze-like levels and take out all the enemy tanks. Carefully placed scenery can provide invaluable cover, along with opportunities to bounce shots around corners for easy kills.

Quell Reflect
By Fallen Tree Games - buy on Android

Gently lulling you into a relaxed state with soothing melodies and plinky sound effects, Quell Reflect is then liable to hit you with some sharp difficulty spikes in later levels.

The game's simple concept, in which you swipe a droplet of water towards the exit using the scenery to change direction, proves deceptive, mind. There are many more complex obstacles to overcome in this sequel - like portals and managing multiple droplets - which make for a more taxing title than its predecessor.

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Paul Devlin 6 April 2012
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