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Got a spare 60p? Go grab Silver Award-winning strategy hit Tiny Token Empires for Android
by Anthony Usher 14/6/2013
Product: Tiny Token Empires
Publisher: Bulkypix
Format: Android
Genre: Strategy
Good news, folks: Silver Award-winning strategy title Tiny Token Empires is available to download now from Google Play for just 60p / 99c.

In Tiny Token Empires, you take control of one of five unique ancient empires and lead an army around a stylised world map. You defeat enemy troops and capture as many areas as you possibly can along the way.

Tiny Token Empires may sound like a generic real-time strategy title, but it isn't. Every time you enter a battle, you see, you're presented with a 9x9 grid of colourful tiles.

Successfully match three or more of these tiles, and your on-screen warriors will get stuck into the battle and deal out some punishment.

At review, we called Tiny Token Empires "a hybrid of the best sort, mixing together two styles of play to create something really intriguing".

You can grab it from Google Play right now for 60p / 99c.
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