Tiny Thief complete walkthrough: Chapter 4 - A Royal Rescue
By Mark Brown 22 July 2013
Game Name: Tiny Thief | Developer: 5 Ants | Publisher: Rovio | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Puzzle
Tiny Thief - the latest Rovio Stars game - presents a series of cartoon vignettes, which mix sneaky stealth gameplay, with tricky point-and-click puzzles.

You play as a pint-size burglar, who must use cunning and guile to pinch a specific object.

You can also nab other items, and find your stoat pal, along the way. The more things you find, the more stars you earn.

These guides will tell you how to get 3 stars on any stage in chapter 4, A Royal Rescue. Just follow our instructions, and you'll walk away with your pockets full of junk.

Videos courtesy of Angry Birds Nest

4–1 - Friendship in Bloom

4–2 - A Royal Perfume

4–3 - A Cursed Hat

4–4 - A Dark Threat

4–5 - Castle Under Siege

Tiny Thief

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