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Pop some heads in unofficial version of classic simulation Theme Hospital for Android
by Anthony Usher 18/5/2012
Product: ThemeHospital
Publisher: barleystudio
Format: Android
Genre: Casual
An unofficial port of classic 1997 PC titleĀ Theme Hospital is available to download for Android-powered smartphones and tablets from Google Play for just 77p.

In case you're unfamiliar with this light-hearted title, you're tasked over a series of different levels with transforming empty hospitals into well-equipped care centres full of wards, offices, operating rooms, and more.

Plus, it's your job to hire and fire staff, attract patients, and cure their comical ailments.

Once you've met set goals, such as collecting a specific amount of cash or curing a fixed number of patients, you'll be able to move on and transform an even larger hospital with tougher goals.

ThemeHospital is available for 77p [buy].
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