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The Sims Mobile cheats and tips - Multitasking with multiple Sims

Everyone gets a job
Product: The Sims Mobile | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
The Sims Mobile Android, thumbnail 1
One Sim? It's not enough. To be playing The Sims Mobile you're going to need multiple. One? Two? Three? Well, we'll let you know when it's enough.

Sims past the second will cost premium currency to unlock, but save up and you'll find your career, hobby and relationship stories completing faster than ever.

Here's our essential tips and everything you need to know about multitasking in The Sims Mobile!

One is the loneliest number

Controlling one Sim is cool at first, but you need more than one. Come on. You know as well as I do that you need more than one.

With one Sim, they run out of energy quickly and you'll soon get bored waiting for them to recover. Luckily, the game will quickly give you a second. Unluckily, getting a third or fourth is going to require saving premium currency, or - gulp - paying real money.

You can save up for that third and fourth though if you're dedicated, and then this guide will be even more useful.

Hanging out together

Have your Sims take dates and hang out with people in convenient places. For example, if one Sim is a barista, have the other Sim take their date at the coffee shop.

Here you'll be able to flick between actions for both of them quickly, speedily achieving goals and rushing through your work life and relationships.

Similarly, if one Sim is completing a hobby activity at home, you can make your other hang out with a friend there so you can handle both without having to load a new area.

Nearby workplaces

Loading the areas your Sims are in is the biggest obstacle between switching between the two of them to complete tasks, so having workplaces which are next to one another is another useful way to speed things up.

The fashion studio and restaurant are next to one another, for example. Have your Sims work at each, and then as they both work you can zoom the camera way out, and then swap between them as you complete tasks.

It's by far the fastest way to level up your work and social lives and complete those character stories.

Tapping your way through

When in this zoomed out state, you'll quickly achieve a zen-like state of flow. If you're overseeing multiple dates, careers, or hobbies, it can get confusing, but just take it step by step.

Zoom way out, pick your first Sim. Tap one of the stars to make them continue their hobby. Tap the next Sim, tap a star, and continue until you're back to your first Sim and you can tap the tick to complete the task.

With two Sims, you can quickly tap a star, switch, tap a star, switch and so on to complete tasks quickly. A third can slow things down, but really it's all down to your personal pace.


The good thing about having multiple Sims is that as you leave your Sims idle for a while, they'll slowly regain energy.

With this knowledge, you can, say, focus on a single Sim, deplete their energy, then go with another, and once you've returned to your first they should have some energy to complete actions with - though not necessarily much.

Though, better than that of course, is depleting energy, and then leaving your Sim to complete a task which will complete in real-time. You can still visit them during that time to use any energy they've built up while you're away, though.


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Dave Aubrey 6 April 2018
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