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The Sims Mobile cheats and tips - Building relationships and completing stories

Master of puppets
Product: The Sims Mobile | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
The Sims Mobile Android, thumbnail 1
Being able to be social with your friend and expanding your social circle is one of the most important aspects of the sims - after all, what’s life without your closest pals, right?

In The Sims Mobile your fellow sims will have plenty of rewards for you down the road, whether that’s just some excellent company to attend the birthday party, or bringing over some essentials in a storm.

Read on for essential tips on building relationships and the inevitable path of love in The Sims Mobile, whether you’re looking for a new rival or a soulmate you’ll find out what you need to know right here.

Take a look here for more features, guides and more for The Sims Mobile.

Introductions matter

Introducing yourself is more important in The Sims Mobile than it ever has been before, and how you introduce yourself is going to set up how the entire relationship shall proceed from this point forward.

So if you walk up and start flirting, that will means you’re more likely to get a romantic outcome, even if it’s one sided. You might start dating, or maybe you’ll be a distant admirer, so choose wisely between the three introductions, Friendly, Flirty and Confrontational, to get the different paths.

It can depend both on your sim’s personality and the personality of the sim you’re interacting with, but no matter how you introduce yourself there’s a variety of relationship stories you can kick off.

Relationship stories

Relationship stories are essentially the progression paths of different relationships. Right now there’s 17 relationship stories in the game, ranging from true love, frenemies, sports buddies, geek speak and more.

Here’s a full list of the relationship stories you’ll be working towards;
  • Arch-Nemeses
  • More Than Friends with Benefits
  • Soundtrack of Soul
  • Old Rivals
  • Raincheck, Please
  • BFFs Forever
  • A Missed Connection
  • Two Peas in an Odd Pod
  • Secret Crush
  • Geek Speak
  • Misery Loves Company
  • Tainted Love
  • Sports Buddies
  • Art Aficionados
  • Soulmates
  • Frenemies
  • The Fixer-Upper
Remember many of these story paths will be available only by introducing yourself to different sims in different ways.

Dating, hanging, hating

Once you’ve introduced yourself to the neighbours and your new friends in the area you’ll be able to go out with them on dates, to hang out or to discuss and chat about how much you seem to disagree about everything.

The event will require energy to complete, just like work or birthday parties, and the activities will vary depending on what kind of relationship you’re working towards.

Dates will take place in public places of course such as the coffee shop, while hanging out more casually with friends and just talking is likely to take place back at your place.

The right sim for you

Of course there’s plenty of fish in the sea, which is exactly why you shouldn’t get tied down to any one relationship - you’ve gotta get out there and meet everyone you can.

Some sims will be great for a relationship, but others are right arseholes, and therefore a more confrontational rivalry will be more appropriate.

Frankly, you won’t get the option of every relationship type with just any sim, you’ll instead have to play the field and introduce yourself to as many sims as possible in different ways in order to foster relationships and make progress down the story path.

Friendship and fashion

The best part of being friends is lending clothes and receiving fashion inspiration, right? Well, okay, maybe it’s not the best part, but it does the trick.

As you progress your relationship with other sims you’ll be able to buy unique fashion options for your sims, greatly expanding your potential wardrobe.

If you’re the kind of person who finds fashion to be invaluable, you’ll be happy to learn that talking with your fellow sims will give you way more options for outfits in the future.


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Dave Aubrey 8 March 2018
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