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The Sims Mobile cheats and tips - Getting started with portable Sims

Will work for simoleons
Product: The Sims Mobile | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
The Sims Mobile Android, thumbnail 1
What’s that? The Sims is now on mobile devices? Yep, that’s right, you can start a new life in The Sims Mobile while on the go with either you Android of iOS device - and it’s free too! Not bad.

Things on mobile are a little different to what you might be used to, but we’ve got some advice that’ll help you settle in to the game and quickly get levelling up and improving your home.

Career advice, quests, hobbies, furniture and more, we’ve got tips for the lot, so just read below for everything you need to get started in The Sims Mobile.

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Classic questing

Like any good mobile game, The Sims Mobile includes some quests for you to dig your teeth into. They’ll generally help direct where you should focus your activities, and the rewards for completing them are nice too.

There are events too, which completing will give you access to new furniture sets and hobby equipment. More than worth it when the events come along.

Getting simoleons and cash in order to upgrade your abode can be difficult but quests will speed the process up.

The To-Do List

In addition to the quests you should complete, you’ll also get a daily to-do list to keep you coming back to the game. Similar to quests, here you’ll get rewards of experience and items for completing them, so they’re worth paying attention to each day.

They’ll give you instructions such as forming new relationships with sims, starting new careers or taking on a hobby.

Luckily these can be completed by any sim you have in your control, so you don’t need to start a career you don’t want with your main sim - though extra sims will cost you a premium currency.

Careers and hobbies

Careers are important to sims, they’re the primary method of making money and a good way to improve a variety of skills.

Luckily you can just walk in to most jobs, and as you increase your player level you will unlock new districts to visit that will offer new careers. A barista is the base job, and you’ll soon move on to being a cook and working in a fashion studio.

Once in a job you’ll be given a variety of tasks to pass the time. Most interesting are the more risky tasks, like showing off with latte art or using your pan to flambe some food. You might fail, but you’ll be doing great if you succeed.

Home improvement

Anyone that’s ever played The Sims will already know that improving your house with new furniture and decorations is a pretty essential part of the game, and in The Sims Mobile that is no different, but it’s now recorded.

Each piece of furniture you put in the house will contribute to an overall level of your dwelling, and as it upgrades you’ll be able to expand it and get even more kinds of furniture.

You’ll start off with the basic essentials, and will have to start buying things for entertainment. Though items related to careers or hobbies, like cooking equipment, are locked behind event completion.

The social type

Relationships are important in The Sims, as you likely already know, and there are loads of sims for you to converse with, date and have relationships with. You can literally talk to people walking past your house, or even hanging out in coffee shops or in the park.

Strike up a conversation and introduce yourself, and you’ll soon have the option of sharing an event with the sim, which depends on how you introduce yourself. Flirt for a first impression and you’ll soon be going on a date, while more casual conversation will lead to hanging out at home.

Building relationships will directly affect how happy your sim is, so make sure to talk to loads of people.


You’ll need energy to keep up all the tasks you want to complete, and you should make sure you have plenty before going on a date or to work, as each task will take a couple of bits of energy to complete.

In order to regain energy you can take a power nap back at home in the bed, or just take a break from the game, of course.

In general you shouldn’t often run up against the energy limit, but you should be aware of how much you have and how much it’ll cost to fulfil certain tasks.

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Dave Aubrey 7 March 2018
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