Video preview: Hands-on with The Room 2 on iPad
By Mark Brown 03 December 2013
Game Name: The Room 2 | Developer: Fireproof Games | Publisher: Fireproof Studios | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

It's almost here, folks. The much-anticipated follow-up to epic iPad puzzler The Room will hit the App Store next week - for iPad gamers, at least.

Once again, you'll be solving a series of tricky conundrums - often involving secret codes and combinations - to pry open some curious puzzle boxes. You'll also get to fiddle with 3D objects, like latches and drawer handles, in a totally tactile way.

This time around, you're in a more varied selection of rooms. The game starts out in a dusty old crypt, but soon takes you to new environments as you hunt down the secrets to that mysterious null element.

The game's out on December 12th. Our review will go out on the same day, and we'll have one of our ultra-popular game guides up soon after. iPhone and Android owners need to wait until 2014 to go hands-on with this one.

Until then, you can see our brief (and spoiler-free) walkthrough of the very beginning of the game in the video above.
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