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Get lost in The Realm: new details emerge on the design behind the Kickstarter adventure title
by Matthew Diener 6/5/2013
Product: The Realm Game
Publisher: Atomhawk Design
Format: Android, iPad
Genre: Adventure
When a game sets out to reinvent something as basic as the point-and-click adventure genre, we tend to take notice of it.

This is why we were impressed by The Realm when we first saw it a few weeks ago - although, its lush graphics helped lure us in as well.

With a bright blue sky and soft green grass to trod on, the game positively beckons you to adventure alongside the innocent Sarina and her hulking golem Toru. Yet for all the intriguing visuals, there were still a lot of unanswered questions about where The Realm's roots were and where it intended to go.

A new design concept video posted on The Realm's Kickstarter answers both of these questions and more.

When life gives you golems

The Realm draws much of its inspiration from classic point-and-click games like Monkey Island and Broken Sword, but it also takes a few cues from modern mobile titles like Tiny Bang Theory and Machinarium.

Yet it won't follow every lesson of these games blindly.

Design Director Andrew Curtis notes that The Realm won't have an expansive inventory management system for players to worry about and nor will there be a reliance on "pixel hunting" in the hopes of finding an interactive piece of screen.

Does this sound interesting to you? If so, give the game design detail a watch then head over to The Realm's Kickstarter to lend your support.

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