[Update] The King of Fighters '97 is throwing its weight around on iPad and iPhone now
By Harry Slater 15 November 2013
Game Name: The King of Fighters '97 | Developer: DotEmu | Publisher: SNK Playmore | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Arcade, Fighting, Retro | Networking: Bluetooth
Updated on November 15th at 09:20: The King of Fighters '97 is now available on the Google Play Store as well, if you fancy some Android fisticuffs.

It'll set you back £2.49 to pick it up, and if you like classic arcade brawling it's probably worth a look.

Original story follows...

SNK Playmore's classic one-on-one brawler The King of Fighters '97 has hit the App Store, bringing with it a hefty slice of classic two-dimensional face-punching.

This Neo-Geo port features 35 characters, including a couple of secret characters who are now selectable from the off, and lets you put them together in tag-teams to go and beat up your foes.

As you'd expect from a fighting game there's a story bibbling along in the background, but you don't have to pay any attention to that, because kicking.

There are two controls schemes - a four-button option for the purist, and a six-button option that adds single-press special moves if you don't fancy scribbling out your specials on a touchscreen.

There are also a couple of modes to get your teeth into. Or your fingers more likely. Advanced Mode lets you stack power gauges and gives you extra jumps, while Extra Mode gives you extra evade options and unlimited Desperation moves.

There's local multiplayer over Bluetooth if you fancy punching your same-room friends in the gob too.

The King of Fighters '97 is out on the App Store right now and it'll set you back £2.49 / $3.99.
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