Ecco the Dolphin creator pitches aquatic exploration game The Big Blue on Kickstarter
By James Gilmour 25 March 2013
Game Name: The Big Blue | Developer: Playchemy | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Adventure, Music/ Rhythm
The creator of Ecco the Dolphin is hoping to make a splash in the Kickstarter waters with his new aquatic adventure The Big Blue.

According to project lead Ed Annunziata, one of the minds behind Sega's fondly-remembered Ecco the Dolphin series, The Big Blue is all about "exploration and artificial life".

The game will portray a procedurally animated representation of the ocean from one million years into the future. Players will have to complete tasks and puzzles within the game by taking control of individual sea creatures. 

Speaking of creatures, The Big Blue's underwater world will be packed with weird and wonderful lifeforms.

In addition to familiar sea dwellers like jellyfish, turtles - and, of course, dolphins - we can also look forward to encountering huge leviathans and sea dragons.

The sound of the sea

According to The Big Blue's Kickstarter page, which hopes to persuade backers to contribute a total of $665,000, the game's soundtrack will also be an integral part of the experience.

In fact, Ecco veteran Spencer Nilsen will be working on a reactive musical engine with The Walking Dead composer Bear McCreary.

You can watch The Big Blue's Kickstarter video (above), and even play around with a very basic prototype via your browser. If you would like to see the game come to iOS and Android, you can donate over on The Big Blue's Kickstarter page.
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