Weekly iOS and Android release round-up: Smash Cops Heat, Into the Dead, Nitro Chimp, and more
By James Gilmour 06 December 2012
Game Name: New iPhone, iPad, and Android Games | Manufacturer: Steel Media Ltd | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Welcome to Pocket Gamer's new round-up of the latest and greatest iPhone, iPad, and Android titles to hit the App Store and Google Play.

With this article, we're hoping to highlight an entire week's worth of great-looking new apps rather than just the titles that hit Apple's New Zealand App Store on a Wednesday.

We're also going to be a little bit more picky. Only apps that look promising or come from interesting developers will make this list.

Now we've explained all that, we can begin...

I Hate Zombies

By Turbo Chilli Party - buy for iPhone

Guide a variety of vehicles along a 2D road, collecting coins, performing flips, and smooshing undead dawdlers into a sickly green paste as you go.

Devil's Creed
By Yuheng Software - download for iPhone and iPad

Bursting with combos and overflowing with enemy types, Yuheng Software's RPG-platformer is no shrinking violet. And judging by the screens, it ain't afraid to throw some purple lasers around, either.

Smash Cops Heat
By Hutch Games - download free for iPhone and iPad

Chase down criminals and slam them into submission in this chassis-shunting freemium re-release of acclaimed driving game Smash Cops. It's street justice. Sort of.

Into the Dead
By PikPok - download free for iPhone and iPad

In this first-person endless-runner, you leg it away from the undead masses, while dodging trees and firing off the occasional headshot.

Clockwork Racers
By Opposable Games - download free for iPhone and iPad

Race wind-up toys around tabletops, and challenge friends and family to Grand Prix challenges over multiple devices. Christmas-themed IAPs abound.

Nitro Chimp
By Chillingo - buy for iPhone and iPad

You're an ape on a motorbike. You do jumps and stunts, and you wear silly outfits. There are coins to collect, and probably some bananas involved. Go to it.

Mighty Wardens
By Demonual Studios - buy for iPhone and iPad

A colourful 2D side-scroller with a cartoony aesthetic and four playable characters who are just begging to be levelled-up. Grab your golden axe and make with the cleaving.

Tiny Legends: Heroes
By Triniti Interactive - buy for iPhone and iPad

The sequel to TinyLegends - Crazy Knight offers action-RPG fans another chestful of merciless combo-driven monster mashing. Get your friends involved, and show those nasties who's boss.

Hollywood Monsters
By Pendulo Studios - buy for iPhone and iPad

Revisit some of cinema's most ghoulish creations in Pendulo's interactive tribute to Universal monsters and Hammer Horror. £2 cheaper than normal during the launch window.

Whale Trail Junior
By ustwo - download free for iPhone and iPad

This kiddie-friendly version of ustwo's colourful endless-flyer keeps freewheeling whale Willow in the sky no matter what you do. Now with cuter eyes.

Spellwood - Word Game Aventure

By Sega - buy for iPhone and iPad or buy for Android

A fantasy-themed spin on the standard word game formula, Sega's multiplayer letter arranger aims to put the 'spell' in 'spelling test'. Contains wizards and junk.

By Bulkypix - download free for Android

A port of the oft-lauded iOS point-and-click adventure, Bulkypix's beautifully rendered thriller drags you into a twisted tale of murder, intrigue, and amnesia.

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