Weekly iOS and Android release round-up: 21 Days, RunSanity, Magic Orbz, and more
By Anthony Usher 29 November 2012
Game Name: New iPhone, iPad, and Android Games | Manufacturer: Steel Media Ltd | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Welcome to Pocket Gamer's new round-up of the latest and greatest iPhone, iPad, and Android titles to hit the App Store and Google Play.

With this article, we're hoping to highlight an entire week's worth of great-looking new apps rather than just the titles that hit Apple's New Zealand App Store on a Wednesday.

We're also going to be a little bit more picky. Only apps that look promising or come from interesting developers will make this list.

Now we've explained all that, we can begin...


Solarian Tactics
By Haiku Games - buy for iPhone

In this tactical turn-based role-playing game, you are in charge of a team of elite soldiers, who've recently graduated from a Solarian Academy.

The team finds itself stranded on a backwater planet, and it's up to you to make sure the lads and lasses survive. You can upgrade your team's abilities with more than 40 augmentations.

21 Days
By Superfunco - buy for iPhone

You're Sam Cooper, a criminal who's been imprisoned in a medium-security facility following a botched bank robbery that resulted in your partner in crime betraying you.

You have just 21 days to escape before you're transferred to a maximum-security prison, so you'll have to act fast. Trick, abet, and poison your fellow cons to progress.

iPhone and iPad

Roads of Rome 3
By Realore - buy for iPhone or buy for iPad

Your flourishing Roman Empire is under attack from vicious barbarians, who've razed several of your provinces to the ground.

Your aim across this strategy title's 43 levels is to restore broken roads, repair settlements, rebuild outposts, and destroy the invading forces that are ruining your day.


By Heliceum - download free for iPhone and iPad

A nerdy high-school loser has transformed his classmates into female-fearing dweebs with the help of his evil dog, and is planning to take over the fictional city of Zippity Hills.

It's up to you (and four of your buddies) to stop him in his tracks. This running title features two game modes: Story and Endless.

Arcane Legends
By SpaceTime Studios - download free for iPhone and iPad

Arcane Legends is a new co-operative adventure game from the creator of Pocket Legends. It allows you to team up with other players from all around the world and complete quests.

As you defeat enemies, you'll unlock new special abilities and even pets, which will help you out of tough scrapes.

Magic Orbz
By HeroCraft - buy for iPhone and iPad

You may have played Magic Orbz on your PlayStation 3. In case you haven't, it's a ball-bouncing game in which you're tasked with clearing obstacles across 42 levels.

Occasionally, broken obstacles will release pick-ups and power-downs, which will help or hinder your progress, respectively.

Chop Chop Ninja World
By Gamerizon - download free for iPhone and iPad

This slice-'em-up is a social action-platformer in which you grab the sword of a sneaky ninja and attempt to protect your kingdom against the might of a brutal shogun.

You kick your opponents' asses using 15 ├╝ber-cool ninja weapons and five powerful abilities.

Battle Dungeon
By Hunted Cow Games - buy for iPhone and iPad

Battle Dungeon is a online turn-based tactical strategy game in which you are pitted against your friends, random strangers, and AI-controlled baddies in vicious battles.

In order to survive, you're going to have to train soldiers, archers, and clerics, and equip them with more than 100 items.

Contract Killer Zombies 2
By Glu Games - download free for iPhone and iPad

Unlike its predecessor, which was a first-person gallery shooter, Contract Killer Zombies 2 is a free-roaming third-person blast-'em-up.

Your aim is pretty much the same, though: save civilians, find supplies, and shoot shuffling zombies in the face until they stop moving.

Towers & Dungeons
By Ravensburger Digital - download free for iPhone and iPad

Towers & Dungeons is similar in nature to NimbleBit's Tiny Tower. Basically, you're tasked with building a large tower up into the sky. Slight twist, though: you can also build downwards. Yep, underground.

Your tower will receive many visitors throughout the game, and it's your job to ensure that all of their needs are met.

By Rantmedia Games - download free for iPhone and iPad

Vectrex is a faithful recreation of the original Vectrex retro games console that was popular in the '80s. This app allows you to play Minestorm and several indie games for free.

Want more? Well, you can also grab the likes of Armor Attack, Fortress of Narzod, Scramble, and WebWars through in-app purchases.

Writer Rumble
By GameFly Games - buy for iPhone and iPad

A brawler with a difference. In this game, you beat the stuffing out of your friends and enemies (in local and online bouts) by constructing long words on the on-screen grid before they can.

You can triple your damage or black out your opponent's game board by playing power-ups.

Team Awesome
By Ezone.com - buy for iPhone and iPad

A mysterious meteor has crashed into the face of the planet and made everything more, well, awesome. You're no longer stuck in a dead-end job, for example. You're now a superhero.

There are 120 missions to complete in this side-scrolling arcade game. Along the way, you'll encounter four super-villains and plenty of other baddies.

Ghost Racer
By Physmo - buy for iPhone and iPad

Ghost Racer is an interesting top-down racing game in which you compete against the ghosts of other players from around the world on 12 tracks.

Features-wise, this racer contains support for both iCloud and Game Center, so there are plenty of achievements to unlock as you play.

BattleFriends at Sea
By Tequila Mobile - download free for iPhone and iPad or download for Android

Basically, this is Battleships - the boardgame you've no doubt played countless times at boring family get-togethers. In this title, though, you can play against your Facebook pals or random opponents.

The rules are simple: sink your opponent's fleet of ships before he sinks yours.

Sky Hero
By Chillingo - buy for iPhone and iPad

In Sky Hero, your aim is to jump from the top of an incredibly high fortress and free-fall as far as you possibly can... without smashing face-first into an obstacle.

There are 30 missions to complete as you fall, and a whole bunch of power-ups to get your mitts on.


Sailboat Championship
By Infinite Dreams - buy for Android

In this aqua racer, you participate in regattas and fast-paced races across action-packed courses against computer-controlled opponents.

As you progress, you can upgrade your boats or purchase entirely new ones. Either way, your aim is to win trophies and awards.

By AMT Games - download free for Android

OutFight is a colourful strategy title that features 40 levels and a whopping 13 different game modes - all of which will test your tactical skills to the max.

Your aim in this title is to lead a green-skinned army to victory against its enemies, and forge a new empire on the ruins of your destroyed world.

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