Pretend you're Ash Ketchum in upcoming Pokemon-style adventure Terra Monsters
By Anthony Usher 25 July 2013
Game Name: Terra Monsters | Developer: Social Titans LLC | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: RPG
You can hope and pray as much as you like, but you're probably never going to be able to play an official Pokemon adventure on your favourite smartphone or tablet.

Thankfully, the App Store and Google Play are filled with Pokemon-style monster battlers, which will do the job.

Take the upcoming Terra Monsters, which is inspired by Nintendo's ever-popular RPG franchise.

In Terra Monsters, you set off on an adventure across a huge open world that's split into ten unique regions, accepting various quests from NPCs along the way.

Regions play home to more than 178 different monsters based on real-world animals, which you're able to capture, train, and send into battle against other powerful beasties.

Between bouts, you must care for your team of colourful scrappers. Luckily, you have your very own ranch, where you can feed and heal your monsters, and use Terra Points to unlock new abilities.

As you can see in the video above, you talk to NPCs, choose attacks in fights, and move your on-screen protagonist around the in-game world with taps of your device's screen.

Developer Social Titans will add a virtual joystick to the game's control options if it's "something players really want".

Unlike the Facebook version of Terra Monsters, which is a online MMO, this mobile version of the Pokemon-alike will be a strictly single-player experience at launch.

PvP, trading, and full MMO features may be added at a later date, providing Social Titans is in a position to include them.

Terra Monsters should be available to download for free sometime next month. However, you'll have to shell out 69p / 99c if you want to play the game in full.

It looks like Terra Monsters will feature further in-app purchases.

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