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Tennis in the Face goes for the Grand Slam, now on Android and Windows Phone 8
by Alexander Beech 29/4/2013
Product: Tennis in the Face
Publisher: 10tons
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone
Genre: Puzzle
10tons's irreverent physics-puzzler Tennis in the Face has already done well on iPhone and iPad, lifting a coveted Pocket Gamer Bronze Award.

Now, it's going for the Grand Slam as it gets served up for Android and Windows Phone 8.

Tennis in the Face sees hero Pete Pagassi smack his balls around the screen in a bid to kill all who stand in his way, with ragdoll physics bringing a touch of slapstick humour to proceedings.

It may have very little to do with its advertised sport, but don't let that put you off. You can pick up Tennis in the Face on Android for the introductory price of 69p / 99c [buy] or on Windows Phone 8 for £2.29 [buy].
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