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Namco Bandai announces cross-platform card battler Tekken Card Tournament
by James Gilmour 22/1/2013
Product: Tekken Card Tournament
Developer: C4M
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Card/ board game, Casual
Networking: wireless (adhoc)
Players will soon be wrapping their iron fists around a cardboard Yoshimitsu in upcoming online card battler Tekken Card Tournament.

With Tekken Card Tournament, Namco Bandai has taken the popular fighting franchise and turned it into a multiplayer, cross-platform card game for mobile devices.

Though we don't have a great deal of info on the mechanics of Tekken Card Tournament, Namco Bandai has posted a few screenshots on Tekken's Facebook page which shed some light on the gameplay.

Judging by the uploaded screens of Tekken Card Tournament, players will compete in timed bouts, selecting either "strike", "block", or "focus" commands to engage in combat.

Presumably, the success of these actions will depend on the stats of your chosen character and the relative strength of your deck.

Speaking of decks, you will be able to add to your digital Tekken Card Tournament stack by buying physical booster packs.

You'll be able to use these packs - without the app - as a standalone card game. These packs should be available in stores around springtime.

You can also use your cards in the digital game by scanning QR codes, which will either add a new character to the ranks or upload buffs and bonuses.

What's more, aim your mobile device's camera at the cards, and your characters will come to life via the wonders of augmented reality.

Look at little Kazuya Mishima. Isn't he cute?

Though we don't know for sure what platforms Tekken Card Tournament will debut on, expect to see it on iOS, and possibly Android, within the next few weeks.
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