Talisman Prologue HD
A slightly ill fitting introduction
By Harry Slater 26 April 2013
Game Name: Talisman Prologue HD | Developer: Nomad Games Limited | Publisher: Thumbstar Games | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, Board Game | Genre: Adventure, Card/ board game, RPG | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
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Picture the scene. You're a brave warrior, wielding an axe and a sword. You have a bunch of adoring, stat-boosting followers in tow, and a princess under your protection. It's your job to get her back to the safety of the castle.

The problem is you keep walking past the castle. You're constantly wandering up to the door but missing the entrance. You're brawling with ogres and wolves at either side of the castle, getting cursed by witches and finding enchanted streams, but you just can't quite make it into the stronghold to complete your quest.

That's Talisman: Prologue HD in a nutshell. It's a difficulty inherent with the boardgame that this iOS port is based on, but it's amplified by the solo nature of the touchscreen experience. You're a brave hero who's entirely under the thumb of cruel, frustrating chance.
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While it accurately recreates the mechanics of the boardgame, Talisman Prologue HD's lack of multiplayer options and stringent quest structure make it a little less enjoyable than it should be
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