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Velocity developer FuturLab will give match-3 a jolt in PS Mobiles puzzler Surge
by Jeremy Thackray 29/11/2012
Product: Surge
Developer: FuturLab
Format: Android, PS Vita
Genre: Puzzle
When FuturLab released Velocity on PS Vita earlier this year, we called it "a refreshing and challenging take' on shoot-em-ups".

When FuturLab releases its new game on PS Mobiles next month, we hope we'll have something similar to say.

The developer is attempting to shock the Match-3 genre into a new lease of life with Surge, which takes the tile matching gameplay we've all seen before and supercharges it with 100,000 volts.

Metaphorically, of course – your gadget would explode, otherwise.

Surge's main mechanic involves zapping blocks by dragging electric currents between them. Some blocks have score multipliers available, and speed will be needed to clear blocks before the system overloads and fries its circuits.

It also helps that the visuals look dazzling, with constant score updates popping up and arcs of coloured lightning crackling between your hands.

Surge will electrify Playstation Mobile (meaning PS Vita and all PlayStation certified Androids) on December 12th.

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