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Suits and Swords combines Blackjack, lite-RPG, and cute animals dressed as wizards
by Chris Priestman 24/1/2014
Product: Suits and Swords
Publisher: Sony Pictures Ent.
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Card/ board game, RPG
If you like puns, gambling, and cute bears dressed as wizards, Suits and Swords will be your type of game.

It's Blackjack the RPG, essentially. You play Captain Black Jack as he attempts to take down the Joker. That's the villainous playing card, not the Batman villain, before you get  too excited.

Doing that involves travelling across the Heart Union, Diamond Empire, Club Kingdom, and Spade Nation to battle possessed woodland creatures. There's the occasional wolf beast and dragon, too. 

Combat is just a versus game of Blackjack. You're dealt cards and attempt to get the sum of them as close to 21 as you can. If you go over, you've lost that turn, and will be attacked. Same goes for if your opponent is closer to 21 than you are.

It's simple, but engaging. There's a reason that Blackjack is the most-played card game in casinos. It's because it's hard to stop playing.

As mentioned, Suits and Swords is an RPG, so after battles you can spend money on armour and spells. These spells let you add one or two to the sum of your cards to get closer to 21. Use of them is limited, of course.

Suits and Swords is free on the App Store [download] and on Google Play [download]. It's supported by adverts, and there are IAPs for Gold to spend in the store.
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