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Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles
I Am Not Legend
by Harry Slater 31/8/2011
Product: Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles
Developer: Spacetime Studios
Publisher: Spacetime Studios
Format: Android
Genre: Multiplayer, RPG
Players: 1
Version: Europe
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We know more about outer space than we do about the seas of planet Earth. Probably because we've spent so much imaginary time in space, shooting aliens, looting space chests, and fanatically following the basic tropes of MMO gaming.

At least we have if we've played Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles, the latest attempt at a mobile MMO from Spacetime Studios, the people behind the distinctly average Pocket Legends.

If you were feeling churlish, you might describe Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles as a simple re-skinning of its stablemate. I mean, it's principally the same game dressed up in sci-fi armour instead of fantasy robes. As you can tell, I'm feeling churlish. ...
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A space-based mobile MMO that fails to take the genre to any new and exciting places. Grind heavy, full of anonymous workhorses, Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles commits the cardinal sin of not being very much fun
Audio/visual: 7
Gameplay: 5
Value: 6
Innovation: 5
Overall: 5
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