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Star Command hits Android, and it's only two years late!
by Mark Brown 8/10/2013
Product: Star Command
Publisher: War Balloon Games
Format: Android
Genre: Casual, Strategy
Listen up, captain. The Android edition of Kickstarted spaceship simulator Star Command is now available on both Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

This oft-delayed title puts you in the pixelated trousers of a starship captain, and asks you to build a capable spaceship and hire a crew of humans and aliens.

You'll then deal with an endless procession of alien nasties, heartless robots, and villainous humans who would like nothing more than to see your rickety rust bucket of a rocket blown out of the sky.

The actual dogfights are scrappy time management games where you load and aim your guns, send your engineers to patch up broken equipment, deal with invading marauders, and use your science crew to keep your soldiers in peak condition.

We gave the game a Bronze Award on iOS, and said "while blasting aliens out of the sky can be fun, Star Command lacks the depth of a true space sim".

If you want to give it a go, the game can be purchased on Google Play for £1.86 / $2.99 or on Amazon for the same price.

Done that? Good, because we also have a full guide for the game, a companion app, and a nifty tutorial that will let you play the game as your favourite Star Trek crew.

This Android edition also features new content, including extra missions, fresh enemies, and new features. That stuff will be coming to the iOS edition (and iCloud saves, too) very soon.
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