Battle your way across space from midnight in starship simulator Star Command
By Anthony Usher 01 May 2013
Game Name: Star Command | Publisher: War Balloon Games | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Casual, Strategy
If you have a weak heart, you may want to leave the room right this second.

Still here? Okay, you may want to take a seat, then. We have some pretty big news for you, you see.

Game Dev Story-esque starship simulator Star Command, which was originally scheduled for release during summer 2011, has FINALLY docked in Apple's New Zealand App Store.

For those of you who are (somehow) unfamiliar with Star Command, let me fill you in.

In War Balloon's new game, you design a Star Trek-style starship that's capable of carrying you and your chosen crew across the galaxy.

Space is a dangerous place, of course, though. So, you'll need to add medical bays, engine rooms, science wings, and a whole boatload of powerful weapons to your spacecraft if want to survive for long.

Confused? Fear not: we'll post a comprehensive Star Command guide (along with our review, naturally) up on the site tomorrow morning.

You'll be able to grab Star Command from the App Store from midnight this evening for £1.99 / £2.99. Android gamers will be able to get their hands on it in about a month.

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