Space sim Star Command hitting 'a couple of Western territories' in January
By Anthony Usher 07 December 2012
Game Name: Star Command | Publisher: War Balloon Games | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Casual, Strategy
War Balloon Games has promised that its long-overdue space exploration simulation Star Command will be available to download "in a couple of Western territories" next month.

Unfortunately, the UK and US won't be two of them.

The Colorado-based developer is hoping to squash any nasty bugs and gameplay issues that rear their ugly head before it launches the game in larger territories.

If Star Command's soft launch is successful, the game will be available around the world a lot sooner. So, keep your fingers crossed that no major problems are discovered.

This Game Dev Story-style sim will feature at least 17 missions and ten races when it hits the App Store and Google Play. There'll also be tons of unique ships to get your mitts on, and plenty of upgradable character classes to play around with.

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