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Acclaimed cell-splintering puzzler Splice: Tree of Life now available from Google Play
by James Gilmour 6/12/2012
Product: Splice: Tree of Life
Developer: Cipher Prime
Publisher: Cipher Prime
Format: Android
Genre: Puzzle
Critically acclaimed iPad cell-arranging puzzler Splice: Tree of Life is now available from Google Play.

Though it did make an appearance on Android as part of the recent Humble Bundle 4, this is the first time Google customers will be able to download Cipher Prime's microcosmic brainteaser on its own.

The premise of Splice is simple - so much so that the game contains no instructions or tutorials.

In short, then, you are presented with a chain of cells, which you must restructure in order to fix a specific shape.

As far as gameplay is concerned, that's pretty much it. Before long, however, you'll find yourself dividing cells in two, duplicating strands, and solving extremely complex puzzles with a few well-judged swipes.

Splice is a minimalistic marvel, and its elegant presentation and testing challenges have helped it earn numerous accolades since its release - including our highest honour, the Pocket Gamer Platinum Award.

Splice: Tree of Life is a real treat for puzzle fans, and one of the best mobile games of the year. You can purchase it from Google Play for £1.86 / $2.99. You should, too.
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