Win an Xperia S, Bravia TV and more in the Sony Mobile and Pocket Gamer scavenger hunt!
By Will Wilson 16 July 2012
Game Name: Sony Xperia S | Manufacturer: Sony Ericsson | Format: Android, Blackberry, DS, DSi, iPhone, Mobile, PSP, Smartphone, iPad, 3DS, PS Vita, Windows Phone, Xperia Play
Sony Mobile and Pocket Gamer have teamed up to celebrate the launch of Xperia Unleashed scavenger hunt competition in which you can win a bunch of brilliant prizes - all without leaving your seat and getting soaked.

What prizes are these, you may ask. How about five Pocket Gamer Gold Award-winning Xperia S handsets? What about one lucky winner walking away with not just a shiny Xperia S, but also a new Bravia TV, tablet and Vaio laptop? Yup, not bad.

Catch 'em all!

All you need to do is keep your eyes peeled for QR codes hidden around the site from today until wednesday.

Scan (or click on) the codes and you'll find yourself with a word for the prize draw form below. If you input all five words over the next three days, you'll be entered into a draw to win The Ultimate Prize(s).

There are, as you may have worked out by now, up to two codes to find each day, and we'll be placing them in news stories throughout the day, rather than forcing you to trawl through the catacombs of the website.

There is one exception: one of the QR codes is hidden on the site right now. There's a clue as to where to look hidden in this article, would you believe...

Please read the Terms and Conditions below before entering - it's only open to UK readers only, I'm afraid.

You can follow all the latest Xperia Unleashed news on Twitter (and Sony Mobile UK's Facebook) by hitting the hyperlinks hidden in this sentence.



1st Scavenge word (Monday):

2nd Scavenge word (Monday):

3rd Scavenge word (Tuesday):

4th Scavenge word (Wednesday):

5th Scavenge word (Wednesday):

Competition rules
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