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Snipers vs Thieves tips and tricks - How to rake in the money

Important intel for future crime lords
Product: Snipers vs. Thieves | Publisher: PlayStack | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
A life of crime isn't the easiest way to make a living, but it can all be worth it for that one big score. In this case, that'll be a high score.

In Snipers vs Thieves, fellow masked marauders of the underworld will be out to get one another - everyone is in it for themselves and money is the main motivator.

The game breaks down into two modes where you'll be put up against players online in an interesting take on asymmetric multiplayer.

Thieves will have just committed a heist and must dash between cover while under sniper fire, and the snipers will be the ones bringing down bullets.

Each role is an interesting challenge in itself, and we've broken down the key fundamentals you need to keep in mind if you're going to bring home the money.

A Life of Crime - Tips for being a Thief

The thief team is escaping from a bank with their haul, but have to take cover behind cars and other objects in order to reach the getaway car safely.

Of course that's no reason to fear, because following these tips will land you home safely with the stash.

Take your time

It's good to remember that although there is a timer, rushing from point to point just might be your downfall.

As you rest at each cover point while heading to the getaway car, your stamina will refill, which will allow you to move fairly briskly between points and dodge roll - the roll will be particularly useful, especially if you're under fire.

If you're careless and your stamina drops low when you're heading to a cover point, you'll slow to a crawl, making you an easy target.

Keep this in mind, and while you recover stamina at each cover point, watch for where the sniper is firing. If he's aiming away from you, it might be better to just make progress.

Out of sight, out of mind

Of course, making progress to the getaway car so you can haul your stash home is the main objective - and wouldn't that be much easier if the sniper didn't know where you were? That's why taking the longer path just might be beneficial sometimes.

If you're already taking your time you'll be paying attention to where the sniper is focusing his attention, and if you're well out of sight, you can feel comfortable moving from point to point.

Keep an eye on whether or not your sniper kills your fellow thieves when they fire - if your pals are still alive, he's likely still concentrating on them, allowing you to make a run for it.

Be bold! When you can…

If you know for certain you're out of sight - or you're just feeling particularly confident - you could always Taunt the sniper, sending your adrenaline surging.

You can Taunt by holding your finger on the screen, and as you dance about in plain sight, your adrenaline will skyrocket.

Jumping back into cover will make your adrenaline drop almost immediately - the idea is to fill it up as high as you can, and then immediately make your way to new cover.

As long as you have adrenaline left in your meter, your thief will run his way to the next cover point, not just take a casual stroll. This can be good for dashing to a distant cover nearer the getaway car, but is a risky tactic.

Finders keepers

Hey, you're a thief, no-one said anything about splitting the cash right? You're in it for yourself, and you should stick to your guns - and stand by your cash.

Thieves that have been shot down on the way back to the getaway car will drop piles of cash ripe for the picking - it's too irresistible not to grab.

Picking the same path as they did will run you right over it, taking it all for yourself. The drawback, of course, is that you have to take a path where you know a thief just got shot and killed. Your call.

Ghillies in the Mist - How to be the best Sniper

As the sniper, you'll be taking shots at thieves as they meander behind cover on the way to their getaway car.

Make sure to take note of where the getaway car is in each stage so you know where they'll be heading, and pick your shots carefully.

Just follow this advice and you'll be a crack-shot in no time.

Headshots, obviously

You're a sniper with a trained eye - what else would you be aiming for? It might seem like an obvious point, but a few well-aimed headshots will end a game in your favour very quickly.

Shots to other body parts will do damage but won't kill - if you manage to catch a thief while walking or taunting, a nice clean headshot will end them instantly. Not just satisfying, but by far the most effective way to deal with a pack of thieves.

Don't stay zoomed

When the thieves first emerge from the bank, you'll need to zoom your scope in order to pop off a few shots - but if they're given the chance to split up and move closer to the getaway car, staying zoomed in could well hamper you in the long run.

You'll need the increased field of view from zooming out to keep track of any stragglers that might get out of sight - you don't want them making progress without you knowing where they are.

Items which makes thief locations known will help with this, but it's best to take them down before you need to rely on them.

More than one way to shoot a thief…

While your standard ammo is more than enough to take down a whole pack of thieves with the right shots, you could always get a bit more creative.

Limited Special Ammo requires a cooldown timer that'll last between rounds - so you won't be able to use it constantly - but it will make quick work of foolish thieves.

Explosive Ammo, for example, will detonate and do damage to a small radius - perfect for early on in rounds while thieves tend to be grouped closer together.

Traps also help - different traps can freeze thieves, do extra damage, or even make them dance while you line up a headshot. You can get as creative as you like, as long as you don't let any thieves escape.

The timer is your friend

If you're playing well the thieves might not want to leave their cover point - but that doesn't mean they can win. The getaway car waits for a timer to tick down, and once it's gone, you're the victor. Thieves can run, but they can't hide for long.

Of course, thieves can play this game too - support items such as Jammers can be placed to pause the timer, allowing thieves to hide out potentially indefinitely.

Luckily, Jammers can be shot to keep the timer ticking - just remember to play the timer if the thieves are on the defensive.

Reviewer photo
Dave Aubery 30 August 2017
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