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Silver Award-winning iOS racer Slingshot Racing pulls into the Google Play garage
by Leighton Owen 25/2/2013
Product: Slingshot Racing
Developer: Snowbolt Interactive
Publisher: Crescent Moon Games
Format: Android
Genre: Racing
iOS petrolheads have been careering around Slingshot Racing's gorgeously rendered circuits since May 2012. As of yesterday, Android racing nuts can experience the same visceral thrill of slingshotting around corner after corner at high speed.

At its core, Crescent Moon Games's Slingshot Racing is a snowmobile racing game with a stylistic steampunk edge. While the game's AI takes care of acceleration, you tap the screen to deploy your grappling hook and slingshot your vehicle around the track.

Slingshot Racing contains a range of game modes - including time trials, career mode, and the pickups race - social network integration, and four-way multiplayer.

The top-notch graphics in this top-down racer don't appear to have suffered in the translation from iOS to Android, so prepare your retinas for some real eye candy.

You can pick Slingshot Racing [buy] up from the Google Play Store right now for 62p. What are you waiting for, then? Ready, set, go!
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