Futuristic kart racer Sky Pirates Racing flies out of Canada and into the rest of the world
By Anthony Usher 05 February 2013
Game Name: Sky Pirates Racing | Developer: Fathom Interactive | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Racing
Sky Pirates Racing, which flew onto Apple's Canadian App Store back in December 2012, is now available globally.

Fathom Interactive's title is a gorgeous-looking arcade-style kart racer in which you compete against five of your friends or complete strangers in real-time action-packed racers.

Before you start to panic, though, your character of choice in Sky Pirates Racing accelerates automatically.

All you have to do, then, is tap each side of your device's screen to turn left or right, and tap with two fingers to activate your craft's boost capabilities.

You can also double-tap on your screen to perform a barrel roll, and activate power-ups by clicking on the various icons that pop up on your smartphone's display.

Sky Pirates Racing contains loads of varied stages, multiple crafts called glidewings, and around 15 different characters (many of whom you can unlock through in-app purchases).

Between races, you can customise said glidewings and buy power-ups using crystals. These crystals are also available through IAPs.

Interested? If so, you can grab Sky Pirates Racing for free for your iPhone and iPad from the App Store [download], and for nowt for your Android devices from the Amazon Appstore [download].
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