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Grasshopper and Digital Reality's Silver Award-winning blaster Sine Mora is now available on Android
by Harry Slater 7/8/2013
Product: Sine Mora
Developer: Grasshopper
Publisher: Digital Reality
Format: Android
Genre: Shooter
Sine Mora is a rare mix of accessibility and finely tuned bullet-hell gameplay. This means that it's straightforward enough for newcomers to enjoy, yet twitchy enough to satisfy veterans of the genre.

And the good news for Android gamers is that it's now available on the Google Play Store.

At review, we described the iOS version of Sine Mora as "slick, polished, and an awful lot of fun". We also said that Sine Mora "is a must-play for iPad shooter fans".

The game is all about time. Time and shooting things. You play as one of a bunch of different pilots going on dangerous sorties through enemy territory in planes that look like they've flown straight out of a steampunk World War II.

There are huge bosses to fight and hails of projectiles to weave your way through. All the while, you're keeping your eye on a ticking clock that you can only slow down by blowing up the bad guys.

It's fair to say we have some pretty high hopes for this Android version, then.

By the way, it's good to see that this 'droid edition contains the extra control options that were made available to iOS gamers a week or so after the game hit the App Store.

You can grab Sine Mora from the Google Play Store right now for just £3.99 [buy]. And if you're a fan of shmups, then you definitely should.
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