Watch Shaquille O'Neal punch zombies in the face in side-scrolling brawler ShaqDown
By Anthony Usher 08 January 2013
Game Name: ShaqDown | Developer: Hiptic Games | Publisher: One Spear Entertainment | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action
Back in 1995, French developer Delphine Software released a side-scrolling console beat-'em-up called Shaq Fu, which starred former NBA basketball icon Shaquille O'Neal.

Why the history lesson?

Well, Hiptic Games has just released the sequel to Shaq Fu that nobody really asked for. It's called ShaqDown, and it's available to download from the App Store and Google Play now.

In ShaqDown, you once again take on the role of the retired 7'1 center, who has to fight his way through a post-apocalyptic world to defeat the sentient breed of zombies that have enslaved mankind.

Each of this game's three stages contains tons of zombies for you to sink your fists into, and huge bosses that you can beat down with your super-human strength.

Furthermore, ShaqDown features animations created by Street Fighter artist Long Vo. Brawler royalty, then.

You can download Shaq's latest adventure from the App Store for 69p / 99c [buy], and from Google Play for 62p [buy].
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