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Strap on the Violator and explore new maps in Shadowgun: DeadZone update
by James Gilmour 4/4/2013
Product: Shadowgun: DeadZone
Developer: Madfinger Games
Publisher: Madfinger Games
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Shooter
Madfinger's popular multiplayer Shadowgun spin-off Shadowgun: DeadZone has just received a hefty update, which brings new maps, weapon, and perks to the fray.

First off, the Shadowgun: DeadZone team has introduced an entirely new buff system to their third-person blastathon. Labelled 'boosters', these handy upgrades can increase your character's speed, damage, and accuracy. 

The game's weapon selection has been expanded, too. Install the update, and you can look forward to testing out the new Smasher shotgun, the Violator plasma thrower, and a rocket launcher called the Redeemer.

You'll also find that two new flavours of sentry gun are now up for grabs: plasma and rocket.

Now you've got this impressive new arsenal, you'll need some maps to test them out on. Luckily, the Shadowgun: DeadZone crew has cooked up a new Deathmatch map, and three new Zone Control maps to help you break in your new cannons.

Adding friends mid-combat is also easier, thanks to improved chat and hosting systems. Plus, your buddies can even get involved in Zone Control mode now.

If you want to try out these features, you can download the Shadowgun: DeadZone update from the App Store and Google Play right now.
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