Safe Cracker
Marred by a cracked-out series of in-app purchases
By Nadia Oxford 17 January 2014
Game Name: Safe Cracker | Developer: Supergonk | Publisher: Supergonk | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Arcade, Puzzle | Players: 1 | Version: US
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The activity of safe-cracking usually involves technological and intellectual geniuses working at knobs with deft fingers and stethoscopes. Or at least that's the case if movies aren't lying to us (and why would movies do that?).

The Safe Cracker game by Supergonk is comparatively easy-going. It's less about testing your brain and more about giving your reflexes a bit of a workout.

In fact, you can think of Safe Cracker as a cross between Pachinko and one of those plastic, palm-sized puzzles that challenge you to get a BB in a hole.

That's not to suggest Safe Cracker is necessarily a cheap distraction. It's a pleasant, easy-going time-filler that goes well with some good music. It is, however, repetitive - and the free-to-play model doesn't do it any favours.
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Safe Cracker is an enjoyable, if repetitive, reflex-based puzzle game that would benefit from a single asking price instead of offering pieces of itself through in-app purchases
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