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Real Racing 3 has a $100 supercar
by Mark Brown 14/2/2013
Product: Real Racing 3
Developer: Firemonkeys
Publisher: EA Mobile
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Racing
Networking: wireless (network)
The Koenigsegg Agera R could quite comfortably be described as a "luxury vehicle". It has shattered Guinness World Records, it has a top speed of 273 mph, and the price tag can exceed $2 million.

That's the real world price tag, I should add. If you want to drive this car in Real Racing 3, it will only set you back £69.98 / $99.98. That's not much, is it?

It's one of a handful of cars in the new Real Racing that can't be purchased with R Bucks - the game's soft currency that you can earn by finishing races and winning competitions.

Real Racing 3

Instead, it costs gold - the racer's premium currency. This precious commodity is rarely handed out in game, and is only given in quantities of about 4 or 5: if you want more, you'll have to pay for it with in-app purchases.

The Agera R has an asking price of 800 gold. So if you want it, you'll have to settle with either two £34.99 / $69.99 payments, or a single £69.99 / $99.99 splurge (in which case, you'll have 200 gold to spare).

Real Racing 3

There's also the Zonda R, which costs 400 gold (£34.99 / $69.99). Michael De Graaf, the game's associate producer, personally assured me that this is the best car in the game.

Real Racing 3

There's also the Porsche 918 RSR Concept, for 150 gold (£13.99 / $19.99).

Real Racing 3

And the McLaren MP4-12C. That's 65 gold (or £6.99 / $13.99 in real dosh).

Real Racing 3 will launch worldwide on iOS and Android on February 28th. Prices are of course subject to change before the game goes global.
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