EA confirms that Real Racing 3 will be free to play
By Matthew Diener 11 February 2013
Game Name: Real Racing 3 | Developer: Firemonkeys | Publisher: EA Mobile | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle | Genre: Racing | Networking: wireless (network)
There's good news today for budget-conscious gearheads: Firemonkeys upcoming Real Racing 3 will be free to play.

Electronic Art's senior vice president for mobile and social game development Nick Earl confirmed via Bloomberg that Real Racing 3 will be free in order to broaden its appeal to a wider audience of casual players.

Earl also assuaged fears that this freemium model would not impact the amount of content that Real Racing 3 aims to deliver - he stated that the multiplayer racing game will feature 900 different events and some 600 hours of total gameplay.

Real Racing 3 will launch simultaneously on the iOS App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store on Thursday, February 28 and will feature 65 Gamecenter achievements.

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