Rayman Jungle Run gains 10 new levels in 'Potpourri' update
By James Gilmour 04 December 2012
Game Name: Rayman Jungle Run | Developer: Pastagames | Publisher: Ubisoft | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Endless running
Ubisoft has just updated its gorgeous iOS auto-runner Rayman Jungle Run with ten new levels.

In addition to the existing forty stages spread across four environments, this perfectly-pitched extension of the Rayman franchise is now offering players a whole new world through which to dash.

In this bonus level pack, entitled 'Potpourri', our floaty-limbed hero traverses snowy jungles and treacherous waterfalls. Along the way, he'll expose hidden platforms and learn some new tricks, like how to water-slide.

As always, the final level of the world is a bit different.

In this final stage, you're no longer concerned with collecting Lums. Instead, you're in a straight-up battle against the clock. And, yes, your reactions will be tested to breaking point. And beyond.

Plus, if you ever get tired of seeing Rayman belting along at breakneck speeds, you can always pay an extra 69p / 99c to take control of his big blue buddy Globox, instead.

If you haven't already nabbed this Pocket Gamer Gold Award-winning gem, then Rayman Jungle Run is available on iOS and Android for £1.99 / $2.99.

The Potpourri update should go live on Google Play later today.
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