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Bronze Award-winning slotcar racer Rail Racing has whizzed onto Android
by Chris Priestman 26/3/2014
Product: Rail Racing
Publisher: Polarbit
Format: Android
Genre: Multiplayer, Racing
Networking: wireless (network)
Those of you who remember playing with Scalextric (or those that still do) will be delighted to hear that the Bronze Award-winning Rail Racing is now on Android.

It's a toy car lane racer that has you controlling tiny cars as they zip at high speed around topsy-turvy tracks. It gets a bit crazy.

In our review of the iOS version, we said: "More exciting than the real-life racing sets on which it is based, Rail Racing is a surprisingly stern test of your driving skills, but the focus on in-app purchases is unfortunate".

Rail Racing is free-to-play on Google Play, so give it a download if you think you can keep up.

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