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The thigh's the limit: frustrating physics runner QWOP flailing over to Android soon
by Matthew Diener 28/2/2013
Product: QWOP
Developer: Bennett Foddy
Publisher: Noodlecake Games
Format: Android
Genre: Sports
Have you ever marveled at the smooth sequence of motions that a character in a fighting game can execute from a single button press?

Did you ever wish that you could break down those movements and press four buttons hundreds of times to make them happen?

If so, then QWOP is right up your (very specific) alley - and it's running awkwardly over to Android soon thanks to Noodlecake Studios.

While we don't know exactly when it will cross the finish line, Joystiq reports that Noodlecake will bring Bennett Foddy's deconstructionist gaming masterpiece to Google Play in "the coming months".

Do the running man

QWOP started as a browser-based flash game in 2008, and puts you in charge of the humble nation of Qwop's sole athlete at the Olympic games.

Using the Q, W, O, and P keys, you're able to control your runner's thigh and calf muscles as you convince him to lurch forward in a desperate attempt to complete the 100-meter dash.

Controls are intentionally sticky by design. It will likely take you a few tries before you manage to move past the 5 meter mark, but this is all part of QWOP's charm - or so we're told.

QWOP came out for iOS two years ago, and featured an impressive graphic overhaul when it made the leap.
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