[Update] Tuck into Cut the Rope follow-up Pudding Monsters from midnight
By James Gilmour 21 December 2012
Game Name: Pudding Monsters | Developer: ZeptoLab | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
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Updated on December 21st, at 10:40: Pudding Monsters is now available on Android, too. Get it from Google Play either as an SD or HD app.

Pudding Monsters, the latest game from Russian dev ZeptoLab, has just appeared on the New Zealand iOS App Store, meaning it'll be available in US and UK territories from midnight this evening.

We took a good look at this food-based follow-up to the wildly successful physics-puzzler Cut the Rope when ZeptoLab published the first gameplay trailer for it (posted below), and we can confirm that it looks delicious.

Presented with a grid-based map, you have to slide individual jelly monsters across the screen to combine them with their wobbly brethren.

Monsters continue sliding until they encounter an obstacle (such as a house or windmill). This means you have to plan your moves carefully to avoid flinging your monster off the edge of the screen.

Other factors must also be taken into consideration if you wish to unite all the pudding monsters into a single scrumptious gelatine mass.

For example, some monsters are asleep when the levels begin, rendering them immobile until woken by a sliding tackle from a conscious cousin.

There are also some switches and contraptions that will alter the layout of the level when triggered, opening up new routes and movement options in the process.

Pudding Monsters will be available to download for iOS and Android devices from tomorrow. It'll cost you 69p / 99c.
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