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Our most anticipated iOS and Android games of 2016 - Part 2

New year, new obsessions
Product: Project Dandara | Publisher: Long Hat House | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Platform, Shooter
Project Dandara Android, thumbnail 1
2015 has come to an end. And all things considered, it was a pretty good year. For mobile games at least.

And 2016 is looking pretty darn spiffy, also. We've already got a sizeable list of games we can't wait to play, write about, get addicted to, and then forget about in two weeks.

These are the highlights.

Mini Metro

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I got tricked into playing a game about trains. Boring old trains for boring old men. How did Dinosaur Polo Club get me? By dressing up its transport management sim in a super swish interface that looks like a minimalist tube map. Luckily, the game itself - a clever problem solving head-scratcher - is lots of fun. And this Steam game will be even better with touch.

Dungelot: Shattered Lands

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Dungelot was great. A tile-turning dungeon crawler that was menacingly addictive. Dungelot 2 stumbled, thanks to an ill-fitting free to play system. The third game looks to bring it all back, strip out the monetisation nonsense, and will add loads of new content, ideas, and visual polish.

Gassy Mob

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How's this for a video game concept? You eat loads of food, and then fart on innocent bystanders. Who then chase you down and kill you. Your goal is to offend as many people as possible with your rancid butt gas before you get murdered. And all this, delivered with the cute and colourful visual style of a Katamari Damacy game. Incredible.

Legend of Gigatron

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Inferno developer Radiangames hasn't let us down yet. So we remain excited for its interesting next game: a The Legend of Zelda-inspired adventure with a twin-stick-shooting twist. And while the levels may look randomly generated from a sea of cubes, the developer will actually be hand designing every screen.

Dawn of Titans

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This is not your average social strategy game. Sure, it might have some similarities with Clash of Clans and the like, but wait until you see these battles. Thousands of archers, pike men, militia, warriors, and hulking great titans all doing battle at once. It's set to be one of the most epic battlers on mobile.

The Room 3

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iOS owners will tell you: The Room 3 is something special. It's another lavish and finely-crafted game about poking boxes, stroking keys, and fondling levers. All wrapped up in an enigmatic story of scientific discovery gone horribly awry. Android owners will finally get to go hands-on in January.

Euclidean Lands

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Just trying to describe Euclidean Lands is enough to give yourself a headache. The game takes place on big boxy planetoids, which you can twist and shift about like a Rubik Cube. That's how you'll solve puzzles, and engage in turn-based battles. It looks stunning, and stunningly inventive.



It's a hectic action platformer, with a world to explore and upgrades to discover. But don't worry: it's made with touchscreen controls in mind. So to get about this zero-gravity world you fling yourself from wall to wall like a deadly, gun-toting Angry Bird.

Marvel United

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Okay, so there are already about a billion different games on the App Store about having The Hulk team up with Jessica Jones and Ghost Rider. But one more can't hurt, surely. This one is more tactical than Kabam's other Marvel mash-up, Contest of Champions, as you must carefully pick your team of heroes before sending them off on missions.

Reviewer photo
Mark Brown 1 January 2016
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