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Havok releases Anarchy RPG for Android to showcase its Project Anarchy engine
by Harry Slater 7/10/2013
Product: Project Anarchy
Manufacturer: Havok
Format: Android
Havok has released a tech demo of its new smartphone and tablet engine Project Anarchy.

Called Anarchy RPG, it's a tiny chunk of a dungeon-crawler that has been designed to show off what Havok's new engine can do.

Right now, Havok is best known for its physics engines on PC and console. Project Anarchy, however, represents an attempt on Havok's part to establish the company as the go-to middleware solution for mobile developers, too.

The Anarchy RPG demo is free [download], and lasts about ten minutes.

In it, you lead a burly barbarian through a pillared dungeon, tapping to attack the monsters you encounter. It all culminates in a scrap with a chunky boss.

Perhaps most interestingly, Havok has released all the source code behind Anarchy RPG, meaning budding developers can take a good long look at how the game was put together.

You can download the entire engine, which features a graphics editor, level editor, physics engine, animation studio, and AI program, from Project Anarchy's official site. Oh, and it won't cost you a thing.

So, if you fancy making some games instead of playing them, Project Anarchy could well be the toolset for which you've been waiting all your life.

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