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Week That Was: Australia pulls video game funding, iPad shipments plummet, and lots of advice for indies
by Matthew Diener 17/5/2014
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Yes, the rumours you've probably heard by now are true - Flappy Bird is coming back.

In case you're just logging onto the internet for the first time this year, Flappy Bird is the game that the majority of the mobile gaming industry lost its mind over a few months back when it shot to the very heights of success. And then, as quickly as it appeared, it vanished.

Now, it's confirmed to return this summer - but the real question will be how much of our collective attention will it manage to capture? And does this spell the end of the booming Flappy Bird clone cottage industry?

We're not sure about the former, and we're hoping for the latter - but it's still months until we're all swept up in Flappy Fever again so let's take a moment and look back on the Pocket Gamer Biz week that was.

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